Monday, 13 June 2016

And the third blog... Well, I paid a visit to Chalai a day before, just so its my project site this semester. I was not alone, I brought along my friend Ronish. He was more excited as he could update google map and get upgrades as a local google guide. Fortunately, it was not raining and we got in around 11 o clock in the morning. I thought of observing and analyzing the street on the basis of space, people and conjustion, but at the first glance, I realised I was wrong. Then, I was standing there, thinking how to collect some info, or record something interesting. 1408, audio recording. I recorded some 30 minutes of audio after my visit while my friend collected images. Now I sit here at home, not knowing how to turn these audios into sheets. Or is there anything relevant in these. Is there? Isn't there? Yes there is. The problem is that I can't see through it now. Probably I have to ask google for help.

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