Monday, 27 June 2016

After almost 5 dates with chala, I think I'm getting to know a little about chala. There's life in here. What I imagined to be an example, is the myth of stone giants. In those stories they say that rocks, mountains that lie long enough on the earth develop life, similar to an electric or magnetic induction, they might have been induced with life force, from the earth and nature. Chalai have been here for a long time. It has seen life, death and decay. Nature might have accepted it into itself, life flourishes in it in all forms, birds, mammals, plants, reptiles, microbes, etc. It has a character of its own. My conclusion is that, whatever it maybe, the present chalai, the bazaar, it's alive. If one tends to change it, however small the change may be, there will be an impact. Not only to the roads, shops, people but to the whole ecosystem. Clearing it out and building something else would be like amputating one's live limb and replacing it with an artificial one. However useful or cool it maybe, the rest of the body will not accept it that easily. There will be consequences. This makes the designing process further complicated, yes. But still, there needs to be constraints, or it won't be fair...

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