Thursday, 7 July 2016

In one way, it's a body. Lying on its back on the ground. The head, the temple of padmanabha swamy, seems to be separated from this body. Just like the part of neck that would joining the head, a small part of chalai seems to be adjoining the temple but severed from the main street by the road and bus bay. Just like blood that runs through our veins, it's people that is pumped in and out through the streets of chalai. There's no land gap in chalai, except for those at the rear. Lol, I would. Every part or any part that is cut or modified grows back, in time. And every such newly grown ones have a story to tell. All the veins, or streets having endless branches all of which ends up joining a main road or the courtyard of one or more residence, provides the life to chalai. In short, Streets are the life of Chalai.

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